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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



We are now continuing with the military records where we left off in the February issue.

One William Shackelford served in the War of 1812, in Crutchfield's 1st Regiment of Virginia Militia, under Captain Charles C. Allen. Served from August until November 1814.

One William Shackelford served in Sharp's Virginia Militia, under Captain James Williamson's Co. of Infantry, September 6, to October 21, 1814.

Robert Shackelford served in the War of 1812, in Renno's Virginia Militia, 36th Regiment, under Captain William Dulin, from Nov. 24, 1814, for a period of two months and twenty five days, then died.

Josephus Shackelford, mentioned previously, was a son of Satterwhite and Courtney Ann Brown Shackelford, born Portsmouth, Va., February 6, 1830, died Tuskegee, Alabama, May 5, 1915. Served in Mexican War. Became a Baptist in 1849, graduated from Mercer University with AB degree in 1855. Was a Baptist Minister. Also served in the Confederate army during the war between the States, Captain 1862 under General Roddy, Chaplain for one year. Editor Christian Herald and member Alabama Legislature 1882-83. Married Cordelia Ann Stowe in Penfield, Ga., June 18, 1855. They had seven children.

The following men served in the Confederate Army during the war between the States:

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Thaddeus H. Shackelford was a Major 4th Infantry, and Lt Col 54th Alabama Infantry.

John William Shackelford, of North Carolina, served in the Confederate Army, and later elected to Congress -- member 47th Congress.

A. B. Shackelford, (Southall's Regiment) Virginia.

Alex Shackelford, Sgt, (A-24) Virginia.

Armistead T. Shackelford, (E-38) Virginia.

B. H. Shackelford, Captain, (K-17) Virginia.

C. D. Shackelford, (G-41) Virginia.

Durand Shackelford, (E-43) Virginia.

E. F. Shackelford, (E-38) Virginia.

Elzy D. Shackelford, (E-43) Virginia.

F. A. Shackelford, (E-38) Virginia.

Francis A. Shackelford (E-38) Virginia.

Francis S. Shackelford (E-38) Virginia.

Gardner Shackelford, (D-55) Virginia.

George Shackelford, (A-26) Virginia.

George Shackelford, (A-34) Virginia.

G. W. Shackelford, (B-26) Virginia.

George W. Shackelford, (21st Militia) Virginia.

H. H. Shackelford, (A-34) Virginia.

I. M. Shackelford, (Troop C-4) Virginia.

I. T. Shackelford, (E-38) Virginia.

J. M. Shackelford, (Troop C-4) Virginia.

J. W. Shackelford, (Troop C-4) Virginia.

J. W. Shackelford, (Troop H-6) Virginia.

J. W. Shackelford, (Armistead's) Virginia.

James Shackelford, (F-26) Virginia.

James Shackelford, (D-49) Virginia.

James Shackelford, (Troop C-24) Virginia.

James A. Shackelford, (Troop G-5) Virginia.

James B. Shackelford, (Troop G-5) Virginia.

James M. Shackelford, (A-34) Virginia.

Joel W. Shackelford, (Armistead's) Virginia.

John Shackelford, (D-49) Virginia.

John Shackelford, (Troop B-5) Virginia.

John Shackelford, (Troop G-5) Virginia.

John A. Shackelford, (Southall's Regt) Virginia.

John E. Shackelford, (Armistead's Regt) Virginia.

John M. Shackelford, (E-38) Virginia.

John W. Shackelford, (A-34) Virginia.

John W. Shackelford, Jr., (21st Militia) Virginia.

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Joseph B. Shackelford, (K-12) Virginia.

R. A. Shackelford, (Sgt D-55) Virginia.

R. D. Shackelford, (F-50) Virginia.

R. E. Shackelford, (Kirkpatrick's) Virginia.

Richard D. Shackelford, (Kirkpatrick's) Virginia.

Richard I. Shackelford, (D-46) Virginia.

Robert Shackelford, (Kirkpatrick's) Virginia.

Rufus J. Shackelford, (E-38) Virginia.

W. H. Shackelford, (Assist Surgeon, 2nd Cavalry) Va.

W. S. Shackelford, (E-38) Virginia.

William C. Shackelford, (Assist Surgeon, 2nd Virginia)

William C. Shackelford, (K-2nd Cavalry, Virginia)

William H. Shackelford, (Armistead's) Virginia.

William M. Shackelford, (F-30) Virginia.

Zach Shackelford, (A-26) Virginia.

Note change of spelling of the following:

A. Shackleford, (H-1) Virginia.

A. F. Shackleford, (E-38) Virginia.

A. J. Shackleford, (Braxton's) Virginia.

A. J. Shackleford, (Pamunkey's) Virginia.

Alexander Shackleford, (Cpl A-5) Virginia.

Alfred Shackleford, (D-55) Virginia.

Andrew Shackleford, (Pamunkey's Artillery) Virginia.

Archibald B. Shackleford, (A-55) Virginia.

Armistead A. Shackleford, (E-38) Virginia.

B. Shackleford, (H-3) Virginia.

F. A. Shackleford, (E-38) Virginia.

Francis S. Shackleford, (E-38) Virginia.

G. F. Shackleford, (D-55) Virginia.

G. S. Shackleford, (2nd Lieut, Troop C-24) Virginia.

Gardner F. Shackleford, (D-55) Virginia.

G. W. Shackleford, (2nd Lieut, B-21) Virginia.

J. A. Shackleford, (K-5) Virginia.

J. A. Shackleford, (G-1) Virginia.

J. M. Shackleford, (H-1) Virginia.

James D. Shackleford, (G-49) Virginia.

James M. Shackleford, (Troop A-34) Virginia.

James T. Shackleford, (1st Sgt, E-38) Virginia.

John L. Shackleford, (4th Cpl, F-43) Virginia.

John W. Shackleford, (King & Queen Home Guard) Virginia.

Joel W. Shackleford, (Matthew's Artillery) Virginia.

John Shackleford, (G-5) Virginia.

John A. Shackleford, (H-1) Virginia.

-- 4 (1136) --

John E. Shackleford, (Matthew's Artillery) Virginia.

John M. Shackleford, (E-38) Virginia.

Lan Shackleford, (Sand's) Virginia.

Lawson Shackleford, (Sgt Battery C, 1st Art.) Virginia.

R. Shackleford, (Shumaker's) Virginia.

R. A. Shackleford, (Sgt, D-55) Virginia.

R. D. Shackleford, (Shumaker's) Virginia.

Rufus J. Shackleford, (E-38) Virginia.

Ryburn Shackleford, (A-55) Virginia.

W. R. Shackleford, (I-46) Virginia.

Walter Shackleford, (H-5) Virginia.

William Shackleford, (E-38) Virginia.

William Shackleford, (A-55) Virginia.

William Shackleford, (D-21st Militia) Virginia.

William A. Shackleford, (E-38) Virginia.

William H. Shackleford, (Matthew's Artillery) Virginia.

Z. N. Shackleford, (1st Cpl, M-55) Virginia.

This completes our list of soldiers from Virginia, who fought for the Confederate cause in the war between the States. We have more detailed information on some of them should any one be interested. But we would be most happy to have a list of those who fought for the Union cause. We have repeatedly tried to get such a list, but without success.


Application for a marriage license found in Halifax County, Va., and we quote -- "This is to certify that I, Sally Malone, have consented to be married to Larkin Gravell. I am of lawful age and I am mighty willing I am." Halifax Co., Va., 1791.

Sig -- Sally Malone.


In the William & Mary College Quarterly, First Series, Vol. 24, page 286, we find the following statement, and we quote -- "Joel W. Shackelford, of Denver, Colo., born June 2, 1851, and died January 22, 1916, was a great grandson of Joel Shackelford, who commanded a Company of Colonial Troops that was present at the surrender of Cornwallis, at Yorktown" -- end of quote.

If our records be correct then the above statement is in error. For according to our records

-- 5 (1137) --

Joel W. (Walker) Shackelford, of Denver, Colo., was a son of James Madison and Melissa Walker-Shackelford, a grandson of George Lyne and Martha Hockaday-Shackelford, and a great grandson of Col Lyne Shackelford. And we feel that we have ample proof for our statement.

The above mentioned Joel Walker Shackelford was the first person to attempt writing a history of the Shackelford, but died before his work was completed. We have copies of his records, and no place do we see among them any proof for the above statement. Therefore we shall have to differ with the above statement until proof is produced.




In the name of God my Heavenly Father, who gave me existence in this world -- Amen:

I, Bannister Shackleford, now being in the County of Nottaway, being in a low state of health, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.

Item: My will and desire is, that my negro woman Beck, shall be sold to pay my debts, and if any money be left after paying all my debts, it shall go to the support of my wife and children.

Item: I lend to my dearly beloved wife all the balance of my estate both real and personal, during her life or widowhood, and that she should keep together all my small children, and give them schooling and then put them to some trade, such trade as she shall think best for them; but if she should die or marry before my youngest children gets their schooling, then I wish my negroes hired out and my land rented out, and the money put to the use of boarding and schooling of all my youngest children, such as has not got their learning, until they get a common education. And then I wish all my estate sold, both real and personal, and the money equally divided among all my children.

Written by my own hand this the twenty third of November, eighteen hundred and seventeen (November 23, 1817).

Sig --- Bannister Shackelford.

-- 6 (1138) --

Clement Read, Daney Adams, Thomas Clark, and James N. Fletcher, witnesses.

Probated August 5, 1819.

Will Book 4, page 186, Nottaway County, Va.

It will be noted that Bannister Shackleford mentioned the fact that he had several children, but never gave either of them or his wife a name; therefore anything additional on this family will be appreciated.



In the name of God, Amen:

I, Joel G. Shackleford, of the County of Nottaway and State of Virginia, being of ill health but sound mind and memory, do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following -- viz:

Item: As soon after my death as practical I wish my executors hereinafter named, to pay all my just debts.

Item two: I lend to my beloved wife all of my property which I now hold and which may fall to me at my mother's death, during her natural life or widowhood, or until my daughter - Laura Ann Holmes shall marry or become of age; and in that event my wife is to have one half of my estate during her natural life or widowhood, to be divided at such a time of such marriage or her becoming of age, and the other half goes to my daughter.

Item three: If my wife shall marry or die before my child - Laura Ann Holmes becomes of lawful age or marry, I wish my child before named to have all my estate of any kind; and if she should die without a lawful heir the property is to go to my relatives viz: Charles R. Shackleford, Martha H. Draper, and Elizabeth Holloway, to them and their heirs forever. If my child -- Laura Ann Holmes shall die without lawful heir or marrry and my wife shall marry again, it is my intention that my property named herein shall immediately go to my brother and sisters before named, my meaning is that my child is to be supported and educated out of my estate

-- 7 (1139) --

which I lend my wife.

Item four: It is my wish that my land lying in the County of Dinwiddie be sold and the money vested in such property as my executors may see fit, to be held and to descend as the property before named.

Item five: I appoint my respected friend Burwell Gunn executor to this my last Will and Testament, in the name of God the giver of any good and perfect gift, unto whose hands I commit my immortal soul, and pronounce this my last Will and Testament. Made and sealed this sixteenth day of October, eighteen hundred and forty three (October 16, 1843).

Sig -- Joel G. Shackleford.

Samuel B. Jeter, Thomas Jackson, and T. W. Harper, witnesses.

Probated November 2, 1843.

Will Book 8, page 185. Nottaway County, Virginia.

Query: Was Joel G. Shackleford a son of Bannister, and who was the wife of Joel G.?


And there was one Thomas Shackleford in Nottaway County. He was deceased, and at the sale of his property Dec. 24, 1823, Nancy Shackelford and C. Shackleford were purchasers. Query: who were they?


Bannister Shackleford first appears in Nottaway County, in 1806, but the records do not reveal from whence he came. He purchased land from John E. and Jane Jackson, January 27, 1806. Deed Book 3, page 229. But he, and the Jacksons were of Nottaway at that time.

Charles R. Shackelford purchased land in Nottaway County, from James D. Jackson, of Dinwiddie County, October 18, 1837. Deed Book 10, page 73.

Charles R. Shackleford sold his interest in the estate of Bannister Shackleford, now in the hands of Eliza Shackleford, to Joel G. Shackleford, December 11, 1841. No relationship to Eliza shown. Deed Book 10, page 482.

Nancy Shackleford, for love and affection for her son -- William Shackleford, deeds him one half of her interest in her father's estate, but she

-- 8 (1140) --

never stated who her father was. December 14, 1826. Deed Book 7, page 321.



Satterwhite Shackelford, for love and affection, for his brother -- Ellis Shackelford, gave and sold his household goods to him, September 15, 1819. Deed Book 48, page 306.

Ellis Shackelford and his wife Isabella, sold a tract of land or lot in Norfolk, Va., May 2, 1825. Deed Book 52, page 103.

John Dyer was apprecticed to Ellis Shackelford in order to learn the art of Tailoring in 1819. See Minute Book 16, page 68.

Satterwhite Shackelford married Courtney Ann Brown, bond dated February 19, 1818.

Zack L. Shackelford married Mary J. Stafford, February 26, 1870.

John H. Yates married Sarah Ann Shackelford, June 5, 1873.

John Butt, son of E. and G. Butt, married Mrs Sarah Shackelford, age 29, daughter of J. and S. Shackelford, March 20, 1878. John Butt was 25.

Peter Taylor, age 25, son of Peter and Lovey Taylor, married Missouri B. Shackelford, age 17, daughter of John and Sarah Shackelford, July 24, 1879.

Oscar Woodhouse, age 21, son of Frank Woodhouse, married Betty Shackelford, age 18, daughter of Henry Shackelford, January 18, 1881.

Jesse T. West, age 23, son of Jesse and Susan West, married Josephine Shackelford, age 19, daughter of John and Sarah Shackelford, Jan. 19, 1881.

Thomas Graham, age 25, son of T. and C. Graham, married Mary F. Shackelford, August 23, 1882.

Charles A. Wright, age 25, son of C. W. Wright, married Lola S. Shackelford, age 20, daughter of Ann Shackelford, January 20, 1894.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

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