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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



We have been planning for a long time to publish some military records, and miscellaneous records. We have tried to accumulate as many military records as possible, but have achieved very little success in that respect. But we shall now give you what we have. We probably won't have the space for all of them in this issue, but will give you as many as we can.

But of the miscellaneous records we have many records of various Shackelford families that we have been unable to identify. Therefore anything additional on any of the men or families mentioned under the above caption, will be a valuable addition to the record.

Among the military records will be found records of men who served in all our wars prior to World War One. That is of such recent date that we do not deem it necessary that we publish them. And we doubt that we have any records covering the Spanish-American War.

In reading the following records bear in mind that the letter following the name represents the Conpany or Troop, and the digit represents the Regiment. For example, John A. Shackelford, (H-1), means that he served in Troop or Company H, First Regiment. However, [our] records of Revolutionary soldiers show very few of the organizations in which

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they served. And we have never been able to secure a list of those who served in the United States Army during the war between the States, which we would certainly like to have.

The first list we shall show are those who served in the Revolution, and the County from which they served, as follows:

Alexander Shackelford, Leonard Shackelford, and Thomas Shackelford, all from King & Queen County.

Benjamin Shackelford, from Gloucester County.

Dudley Shackelford, from Spottsylvania County.

Richard Shackelford, from Essex County.

And the following where the County from which they served is not shown: George, Henry, James E., John E., John, Jr., Major E., Rice E., and William Shackelford.

In addition to the above we know of several more that served, including Roger, John, William, Richard, and Robinson, all sons of Roger and Carey Baker-Shackelford, probably all of them serving from Halifax County.

We know of one other John that served from Spottsylvania County.

Henry and William from King William County.

Mordecai from either Culpeper or Pittsylvania County.

John from King & Queen County.

And later we shall give you more details of still others that served at one time or another.

Col. Lyne Shackelford and his son Lyne, Jr., from King & Queen County.

Captain Edmund Shackelford, from Orange County, also rendered Revolutionary service.

We have the names of twenty eight Shackelfords or Shacklefords that served during the War of 1812, and all of them but three spelled the name Shackleford, as follows: Zac (Zachariah), Cpl Warner and Shatterwhite Shackelford. Abram, Benjamin, Chris (Christopher), Clement, Daniel, James, James, John, John, John, John, John, Leonard, Richard L., Scela, Schila, Seymore, Solomon, Captain Vincent, Cpl William, William, Sgt William D., William R., William I., William T., and Cpl Zach (Zachariah) Shackleford. Also Richard Shaggleford. Apparently all from Va. And of course there were many more from other States.

From the records we have we know also that John

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Shackelford, of Pittsylvania County, Va., and Henry Shackelford, of Orange County, Va., both served in the Colonial forces prior to the Revolution.

Pension and other records in Washington reveal the following details about the following named persons:

Satterwhite Shackelford served in the War of 1812, Sergeant of Marines, Lieutenant in Swift's Company U.S. Marines, Virginia Militia. He married Courtney Ann Brown. File No. 11622 and 14379. He served from Portsmouth, Va. Entering the service July 7, 1812, and was discharged January 25, 1818. His widow was granted a pension of $8.00 per month, November 11, 1878.

He was married to Courtney Ann Brown, February 21, 1818, at Portsmouth, Va., by the Rev Mr Sherwood. Died at Pontotoc, Miss., August 18, 1855.

His widow -- Courtney Ann Brown-Shackelford, was living with her son Josephus Shackelford, in Forrest City, Arkansas, when she applied for a pension September 30, 1870. But for some reason pension was not granted at that time. Later Josephus Shackelford moved back to Alabama, and renewed his efforts to secure a pension for his mother, becoming rather critical of the government now and then because they were apparently being neglectful. In one letter he stated, and we quote - "Courtney Ann Shackelford ought to have a pension -- she gave her country three sons in the Mexican War, and it seems to me, that for the remaining years she has she ought to have the small pittance the government gives a pensioner" -- end of quote.

Her application was finally approved on the above mentioned date -- November 11, 1878.


Seymour Shackeford was a soldier in the War of 1812. He served as a Corporal in Captain Diggs Co., Virginia Militia; and in Captain Sales' Co., 61st Regiment of Virginia Militia. He married Nancy Macken between 1812 and 1814, marriage performed by Rev Williams, of Matthews County, Va. He died 1840. His widow applied for a pension in Matthews County June 19, 187(?), at which time she was seventy five

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years of age. Her application was witnessed by a number of persons, including James R. Shackelford and Missouri E. Shackelford. Her son William was deceased, but would have been 63 years of age if still living. Her application was rejected.

William Shackelford served as a private in the War of 1812, in Captain John Fleming's Co., Ohio Militia. Entered the service August 25, 1813, and was discharged February 22, 1814. Was twenty years of age at the time of enlistment. Was five feet and ten inches tall, with blue eyes. He was drafted in Miami County, Ohio. He was married twice, his first wife being Frances??, whom he married October 23, 1819, in Miami County, Ohio. She died Oct. 22, 1852. He then married second -- a Mrs Elizabeth Williams, July 30, 1854. She was born 1811.

Was living in White County, Indiana, when pension application was made.


William Shackelford, who was 74 years of age in 1871, served in the War of 1812, in Captain Charles Allen's Co., Virginia Militia. Enlisted August 14, 1814, and served to December 17, 1814, from Culpeper County, Va. His wife was Frances ??.

In the above pension petition is shown the names of several of his comrades in the service, and we will be glad to furnish names and reference to any one that is interested. And among those named we find reference to "Captain Shackelford's Rifles."


William Shackelford was a soldier of the War of 1812, entered the service in 1814 at the age of 16 years, from Culpeper County, Va. He was six feet tall, had fair complexion, light hair and blue eyes, was born in Culpeper County, and was a carpenter by trade. He was married three times, his first wife being Margarite Drake, who died in 1854. His second wife was Nelly Monroe, who died in 1877; and his third wife was Frances Mezingo, whom he married December 18, 18?3, by J. A. M. Grimsley. She was born 1841 and died January 14, 1909.

These last two William Shackelfords appear to be one and the same person. One Jane Mezingo made

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oath that she was the daughter of William Shackelford and Margarite Drake. No other children were mentioned. He was born in Fauquier County, Va.


Captain James Shackelford, soldier of the War of 1812, enlisted in 1812, exact date not shown, and was 31 years of age at the time. Born in Orange Co, Va., but was living at Liberty, Casey County, Ky., at the time he applied for a pension, April 9, 1878, at which time he was 96 years of age. At the time of his enlistment he was a farmer and a gunsmith. Enlisted under Captain James Cox, from Casey County, Ky., where he had lived since coming to Kentucky. Hair, eyes, and complexion dark.

We find the following letter addressed to Captain James Shackelford, from Major Charles Carter.


To Captain James Shackelford:

Sir: I have this day read a letter from Lt Col James Cox, Commander 12th Kentucky, Dept of Kentucky Militia, in which I am directed to disband the Batallion under my command and that the same be exhonorated from any further service under the law in pursuance of which it was organized. You will consequently proceed to discharge the Company under your command in any way which you may deem most convenient.

I am respectfully:

Your obedient servant,

Charles Carter, Major.

Then follows the names of all the men in Captain Shackelford's Company.

Note to descendants of Zachariah and Dolly Embree-Shackelford: This Captain James was their son -- son of Zachariah and Dolly.


Warner Shackelford served in the War of 1812 from Essex County, Virginia, never lived and place else. He was twenty four years of age when he enlisted, but the exact date is not shown. He died May 15, 1835. He was married to Lydia Greenwood, December 26, 1825, by Rev Phillip Montague.

He served in Captain William Warring's Company, of Virginia Militia. He lived at Bestland, Essex

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County, Va. He was five feet and ten inches tall, hair and complexion light, eyes blue. His widow never remarried. No children are mentioned.


John Shackelford served in the War of 1812 for two short periods of time, a total of thirty three days, between July and October 1814. He was of Partlow, Spottsylvania Co, Va. His widow was 87 years of age in 1876. He served under Captain William Warring, Captain John Waller, and Col Elliott Waller. He was married to Ann Dillard June 12, 1811. No children mentioned. He died August 7, 1847. His widow died September 16, 1876.


David D. Shackelford served in the War of 1812, from Washington County, Tenn. Served a total of 85 days under Captain Solomon Dobbins' Co., Tennessee Militia. He also lived at Tazwell, Claiborne Co, Tenn., but was living in Camilla, Mitchell County, Ga., in 1871, when he applied for a pension. No children are mentioned, but he married Margaret Fink, in Washington Co., Tenn., January 30, 1810.


Henry Shackelford served in the Revolutionary War. Born in King William County, Va., August 30, 1764. And stated that all of the children, (his sisters, and brothers) were christened at Manker Hicks Church, two miles from his father's. The Church Clerk was his Ensign in the war -- Denak Hays, hence his certainty of his age.

He married Nancy Crump, in Knox County, Ky., April 1, 1803, by George Britton, J. P. They had six children, but only the name of his daughter -- Elizabeth Miracle, is shown. He died in Harlan County, Ky.


Alex Shackelford was a soldier in the war of the Revolution. He served from King & Queen County, enlisted February 3, 1777, for three years. Was discharged the latter part of July 1780, after serving three years and five months. Served under Captain Charles Collier, Captain Armistead and Captain Abner Crump. He was 74 years of age when he made application for a pension May 13, 1833. No wife

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or children are mentioned, but he did state that he served with Richard Shackelford, Sr., of Essex County, Va., whose service will be mentioned next.


Richard Shackelford, of Essex Co., Va., stated that he and Alex Shackelford entered the service at the same time, and served together for more than three years. Richard was 77 years old when this statement was made June 17, 1833. No wife or children are mentioned, he did have a daughter Lucy Gordon.


Leonard Shackelford served in the Revolutionary War from King & Queen County, Va. Entered the service February or March 1776, enlisted for two years, served out his enlistment, 7th Virginia Regiment, under Captain Gregory Smith. He was appointed Orderly Sergeant after the Battle of Brandywine. No wife or children are shown for Leonard.


Mordecai Shackelford stated in his pension petition that he was born in Madison Co., Va., in 1763. He entered the service in 1780 as a substitute for his father -- John Shackelford.

Mordecai married Sarah (Polly) Jones, in Albemarle Co., Va., in 1788. He died in Abbeville Co., S. C., in 1839. His father John Shackelford died in Shelby County, Ky., in 1819.


Dudley Shackelford served in the Revolutionary War. He was born about 1765, was 67 in 1832 when he applied for a pension. Entered the service 1778 in a Company of guards under Col Lewis and Col Francis Taylor, or Orange County.

He lived in Culpeper County, Va., until about 1817, and then moved to Stafford County. This record does not mention a wife or children, but he married Lucinda Yates, and we have many data of his descendants.


George T. Shackelford, of Virginia, exact place not stated, served in the Mexican War. He entered as a private, later a Corporal, and was 2nd Lieutenant, 6th Infantry, December 30, 1847. He died

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September 28, 1848.


James M. Shackelford, served in both the Mexican War and in the United States Army during the war between the States. He served as a 2nd Lieut in the 4th Kentucky Infantry from Oct. 4, 1847 until July 25, 1848. He was Colonel of the 8th Kentucky Cavalry, August 13, 1861. Colonel 25th Kentucky Infantry, Jan. 1, 1862. Later Brig General, and is credited with being the commander that captured Gen John Morgan, the great Confederate Leader.

Brig General James M. Shackelford was born in Lincoln County, Ky., 1827, and died in Indiana in 1909. We have a complete data on his ancestry and descendants.


Charles Shackelford, of Culpeper Co., Va., was an Ensign in the 8th Infantry from January 14, 1799 to June 1, 1800. He married Polly Menifee, and they had eight daughters.


Muscoe Livingston Shackelford was a graduate of The Military Academy, breveted 2nd Lieut July 31, 1836. Served in the Mexican War, was wounded at Molino del Rey, Mexico, September 8, 1847, and died as a result, October 12, 1847. We have data of his ancestry and family also.


William Shackelford served in the Revolutionary War, Virginia Continental Line. Place of enlistment and organization not shown.

Roger Shackelford served in the Revolutionary War. He was a Sergeant in Taylor's Regiment, Captain James Burton's Company, guard at Albemarle Barracks March through July 1780. Enlisted February 17, 1779 (the ancestor of this writer). He was later made a Captain.

Mag Shackelford (Magahain) served in the Revolution, entered the service December 28, 1776, for three years. Served in Captain Pierce's Co., of Artillery, under Col Charles Harrison. Also in Col John Crane's Regiment of Artillery. No records of a marriage or family. (To be continued).

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, August 23, 1998 - Austin, Texas.


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