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The next child or son of Roger Shackelford that we shall consider and discuss, will be his son William. And in discussing the family of Wiliam we are going to have to use a lot (of) space, as William was the father of seventeen children, all of whom seem to have lived to maturity and reared families, although we have been unable to contact descendants of about half of them.

William Shackelford appears to have left Virginia at the same time and with his father, as he married in Madison County, Ky. Later however, he moved to what was then Warren County, Ky., and in the section that later became Edmonson County, and settled near the entrance to Mammoth Cave.

Several of his children and grandchildren later removed to the State of Missouri, and William also went to Missouri at one time, but remained but a short time, was so disgusted, so the story goes, that when he returned to Kentucky he fell to a prone position and kissed the ground.

It is family tradition that two of his grandsons, i.e.: Martin Luther and Oliver Perry Shackelford, were the ones that originally discovered Mammoth Cave, in Edmonson County, Kentucky, and later became the first guides therein. But as we stated before, that is family tradition, and this writer does not attempt to vouch for the authenticity therof


of that tradition. We do know however, that they lived in that immediate area.

There there are some three or four different ladies who have become members of the DAR and claimed this William as their ancestor, thus confusing him with his uncle William, brother to Roger IV. They are eligible for membership, but not through the services of this man, as he was not a Revolutionary soldier.

This William, son of Roger and Nancy Ann Carter-Shackelford, was born in Virginia, probably in Albemare or Halifax County, November 13, 1770, and died in Edmonson County, Ky., about 1829, as that was the year that his estate was divided. He is buried in his own private burying grounds about one and one half miles south and east of the entrance to The Great Mammoth Cave.

He was married to Elizabeth (Betsy) Moore, daughter of Robert and Mary Moore, in Madison County, Ky., March 14, 1794. We do not have the birth date of Elizabeth (Betsy) Moore-Shackelford, but she is mentioned as deceased in 1830. Our records show they had seventeen children, but only fifteen are named in a deed when they sold the lands formerly owned by William Shackelford. The children as follows:

Nancy-------------------------(married Joseph Camp)

William------------------------(no further record)

Robinson----------------------(married Sarah (Sally) Camp)

George Tarleton---------------(married Martha (Patsy) Howard)

Allen--------------------------(married Eliza Reynolds)

James--------------------------(no further record)

Richard------------------------(no further record)

Merlin--------------------------(married Sarah (Sally) Anderson)

Mary (Polly)-------------------(married William H. Drake)

Milton--------------------------(married first Elizabeth ??,

married second Elizabeth Cosby)

Francine (Sinai)-----------------(married David Howard)

Eliza----------------------------(no further record)

Lucy----------------------------(married Otha Wood, Ward, or Word)

Wylie---------------------------(married ? moved to Platte Co., Mo.)

Elizabeth------------------------(no further record)

Edaline--------------------------(no further record)

Sabina---------------------------(married McClung Stroud)


Those mentioned as heirs numbered only fifteen, and do not contain the names of James and Richard, so they either did not have children by those names or else they died before their father's estate was divided. and among the heirs named we find a Betsy, but no Elizabeth. And this Betsy was the widow we feel certain, as she was still living at that time. So it is questionable that there was a daughter Elizabeth. We feel safe in saying that William and Elizabeth (Betsy) Moore-Shackelford had only fourteen children, or else lost three before the death of their father. For reference to the above mentioned instruments see Deed Book A&B, page 349, Edmonson County, Kentucky.

The following records are to be found in Warren and Edmonson Counties, Kentucky.

William and Jane Finney, of Warren County, sold two tracts of land in Warren County, to John Finney, also of Warren County, April 25, 1807. Deed Book 2, page 376, and Deed Book 2, page 403.

William and Jane Finney had a daughter Jane that married one Zachariah Shackelford, in Allen County, Ky., in 1823. We have never been able to prove the ancestry of this Zachariah Shackelford, but he apparently never lived in Allen County. After his marriage in 1823 we find him in Warren County for a few years, then he removed to Warren County, Mo.

Joseph Camp who married Nancy Shackelford, daughter of William and Elizabeth Moore-Shackelford, also moved to Warren County, Mo., and the Zachariah Shackelford-Joseph Camp families claimed relationship. But we have been unable to find the connection, therefore will be grateful for information on these two families.

William Shackelford, for love and affection, made a deed of land in Warren County, to his daughter--Polly Drake, December 5, 1820. Deed Book 10, page 103, Warren County, Ky.

William Shackelford also deeded land to his sons Allen and Merlin Shackelford for a small price, January 17, 1823, and March 1, 1823. Deed Book 10, pages 406 and 407, Warren County, Kentucky.


And according to a record found in Deed Book 13, page 194, William Shackelford was deceased in 1828.

George Allingham and his wife, Ruth, sold a tract of land in Warren County to Elias F. Shackelford, April 8, 1939. Deed Book 17, page 261. And this is another Shackelford that we have been unable to identify.

There are very few early marriages recorded in Warren Co., Ky., but among them we find the following:

Joseph Camp married Nancy Shackelford, June 6, 1811. (Joseph Camp's family will be shown later.)

William H. Drake married Polly Shackelford,daughter of William and Elizabeth Moore-Shackelford, August 29, 1820.

Tarleton Shackelford married Martha (Patty) Howard, July 11, 1819. This family moved to Missouri.

Robinson Shackelford married Sarah (Sally) Camp July 12, 1815.

Addison P. Shackelford married Sally B. Murrell, marriage license dated October 27, 1858. This man descended from Sanuel Shackelford, of Lincoln Co., Ky.

Edmonson County, Ky. was created in 1825 from portions of Warren, Hart and Grayson Counties. They still have all of their records, but the early ones were very poorly kept, so that to find anything it is very difficult. The records of Hart and Grayson Counties have been almost totally destroyed at one time or another. In Edmonson County, in a book bearing no mark or dates we found the following items. George Crawford appointed administrator for the estate of William Shackelford, deceased, and late of the State of Missouri. Also Joseph Camp was appointed administrator for the estate of one William Shackelford, deceased, and residence not shown. No dates on either one.

Allen Shackelford and his wife Eliza, of Barren County, Ky., sold 94 acres of land in Edmonson Co., to Thomas Reynolds, of Edmonson County, September, 1826. Deed Book F, page 175. Edmonson County.


Wylie A. Shackelford, parentage not shown, was bound out to John Hamilton until the said Wylie A. Shackelford was twenty one years of age, in order to learn the shoe and boot making trade, June 6, 1831. Deed Book C, page 43, Edmonson County. This was evidently the son of William and Elizabeth.

Carter U. Shackelford, parentage not shown, age seventeen years, is bound to John Kirtly, until the said Shackelford is twenty one years of age, for the purpose of learning the art of business and farming, April 20, 1861. Deed Book G, page 625. This Carter U. Shackelford must be one of the Shaker Colony Shackelfords, from South Union.

Merlin Shackelford and wife Sally sold 100 acres of land in Edmonson County, to one Allen Hunter.

Elizabeth C. Cosby, daughter of John and Mariah Cosby, was the wife of Milton Shackelford, as we find in Deed Book H, page 31, Edmonson County, Ky.

Milton Shackelford married Elizabeth C. Cosby, marriage license dated September 27, 1847. But she was his second wife, as he had children born much earlier than that. Edmonson County.

Oliver P. Shackelford married Margaret P. Slemmons, daughter of E. L. Slemmons, marriage license dated January 5, 1852. Edmonson County.

John F. Davis married Sarah E. Shackelford, marriage license dated February 13, 1855. Edmonson Co.

As before stated, Joseph Camp, son of Hardin and Sarah Hawkins-Camp, was born in Virginia, 1787. He first moved to South Carolina with his father, and still later moved to Warren County, Ky. In Warren County, Ky., he married Nancy Shackelford, daughter of William and Elizabeth Moore-Shackelford, June 6, 1811. Nancy Shackelford was born in Kentucky, probably Madison County, 1795. Our records show that they moved to Warren County, Missouri, about 1833. And therein lies an odd story. It is said that when Joseph Camp started to Missouri that he had planned to go to Saline or Cooper Counties, but as he was plodding along in a covered wagon near the Missouri River his wagon became bogged down in the


deep Missouri mud and was completely unable to extricate the wagon, so was forced to remain there all winter. When spring came the sun shined and dried up the muck, he was so well pleased with what he saw that he never went any further, he located in that community and spend the balance of his life there, where he died in 1866.

Nancy Shackelford-Camp died in Warren County, Mo., April 13, 1891. They had at least ten children, did Jospeh and Nancy Shackelford-Camp, as follows:

Elizabeth-----------------(married Alfred McClure)

Hiram H.-----------------(married Frances Bishop)

Sarah---------------------(married William H. Finney)

Josiah---------------------(married Mary A. ??



Martha--------------------(married James C. Dyer)

Juliet Ann------------------(married Thomas Jones)

Mary C.-------------------(married H. W. Pittman ??)

Frances Jane---------------(married George Hereford Chapple)

Joseph Camp died in Warren County, Mo., in 1866, leaving no will. And when the administrators of the estate settled with the heirs he did not name each child, and several of the daughters were deceased, and their husbands were named as heirs. And by the administrator they were named in the following order: Angerona Thomas, H. H. Camp, Thomas Jones, W. H. Finney, Frances J. Chapple, Josiah Camp, Mahala Jones, James C. Dyer, and H. W. Pittman. Only nine, the name of Elizabeth McClure being omitted. Yet Mrs. McClure was still living, as she was mentioned when the estate of Nancy Camp was divided.

Nancy Shackelford-Camp, wife of Joseph Camp, died in Warren County. Mo. April 13, 1891, at which time her heirs were mentioned in the following order: Heirs of Mahala Jones, of Montgomery County, Heirs of Thomas Jones, of Warren County, Heirs of Hiram Camp and Sarah King, Montgomery County, Mrs. McClure, of Montgomery County, Josiah Camp, Frances J. Chapple, of Warren County, Catherine Jones of Montgomery County, also Martha A., and Mary Dyer.

Here again we have but nine heirs mentioned, and this time it is the Pittmans that are left out.


And in the list last named we find that Sarah Finney is now Sarah King. And here we find Catherine Jones, whom we presume is the wife of Thomas Jones, or the daughter of Angerona Jones.

Hiram H. Camp also moved to Montgomery County, and we are told that he had a large family, but only the names of three children could be obtained.

The courthouse in Montgomery County, Mo. has been destroyed by fire, and many of their records gone, so very little could be obtained in Montgomery Co.

The following marriage records are to be found in Warren County, Missouri.

Hiram H. Camp married Frances Bishop, February 21, 1839.

George Hereford Chapple married Frances Jane Camp, January 20, 1842.

Beverly Camp married Elvira Debo January 18, 1852.

William W. Camp married Mary J. Madding March 20, 1856.

Jeremiah Camp married Susan Williams January 1, 1866.

James C. Dyer married Martha E. Camp July 11, 1849.

Thomas Jones married Juliet Ann Catherine Camp July 23, 1846.

James Kilpatrick married Disa Camp July 2, 1853.

Alfred McClure married Elizabeth Camp July 20, 1842.

William H. Finney married Sarah Camp November 13, 1838.

John B. Roby married Virginia C. Chapple October 22, 1861.

Charles M. Heady married Cora Ann Chapple September 12, 1886.

Greenup Chapple married Josie Conn October 6, 1872

William Vall married Lucy H. Chapple May 21, 1872.

John Sterling Shackelford married Elzabeth Carter July 13, 1854.

Gaines Donahou married Catherine Shackelford July 9, 1858.

William Morton Hutcherson married Evaline J.


Shackelford November 13, 1856.

Claudius Whittlesy married Kitty Shackelford Nobember 6, 1851.

William H. Berry married Ellen Shackelford June 23, 1876.

All the above marriages in Warren County, Mo., and Shackelfords whose marriages here shown are either children or grandchildren of Zachariah Shackelford and his wife-Jane Finney, who married in Allen County, Ky.

We know nothing of the families of the children of Joseph and Nancy Shackelford-Camp other than the son Hiram H. and daughter Frances J. Chapple.

Hiram H. Camp and his wife Frances Bishop lived in Montgomery County, Mo., and had at least three children--Sarah L., Mahala and Martha E.

George Hereford Chapple, parentage and dates not known, but he died in Warren County, Mo., in 1861. He married Frances Jane Camp, daughter of Joseph and Nancy Shackelford-Camp, January 20, 1842. They had at least eight children, as follows:

Virginia C.--------------(married John B. Roby)

Hanley------------------(married ??

Cora Ann---------------(married Charles M. Heady)

Joseph------------------(married ??

Greenuup---------------(married Josie Conn)

Lucy H.-----------------(married William Vall)

George Jr.--------------(married ??

Harrison J.--------------(married ??

Therefore we would be grateful for any additional information of the descendants of Jospeh and Nancy Shackelford-Camp.


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