Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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In your January magazine we closed while discussing the descendants of Roger Shackelford and his wife Carey Baker. And while it is our aim to continue that discussion now, but before we begin with the descendants of the elder children, we would like to mention Sarah, daughter of Roger II, and mentioned third in his Will. Also James, who was deceased and mentioned seventh.

We know that Roger III, mentioned fourth, was born 1744, and that Richard, mentioned sixth, was born 1750. So Sarah, mentioned third, must have been born about 1742, and James mentioned seventh, must have been born about 1752.

Our records show that Sarah, daughter of Roger and Carey Baker-Shackelford, married one Stephen Collins and lived in Georgia. And we find a marriage record in Richmond Co., Ga., where Stephen Collins married Sarah Shackelford, March 29, 1787. Granting that this was the daughter of Roger, and that she was born about 1742, she would have been, at the time of her marriage, 45 years of age, so it is not likely that any children were born to this union. But Stephen Collins did have children, at least he had one daughter that married Richard Shackelford. For we find that Stephen Collins, of Columbia County, Ga., deeded a negro woman slave named Betty, also plantation where he lived, along


with all appurtenances and household goods, etc, to his son-in-law Richard Shackelford, May 6, 1794. Deed Book B, page 378, Columbia County, Ga. (Columbia County was created from Richmond County, 1790).

Then Stephen Collins was deceased and Sarah Collins, his wife, was administratrix in 1807. Richard Shackelford purchased 90 acres of land of William Fleming, sheriff of Columbia County, November 19, 1807, the land formerly owned by Stephen Collins, deceased, said land on Little Keoka Creek. Deed Book 0, page 82, Columbia County, Georgia.

Sarah Shackelford was evidently the second wife of Stephen Collins, as we find Stephen Collins in Halifax County, Virginia, in 1778, with a wife named Katherine, as we find Mary McIndree, widow of James McIndree, deceased, along with William Hunt and his wife Dorothy, Nipper Adams and his wife Lucy, and Stephen Collins and his wife Katherine, selling their interest in the estate of James McIndree, deceased, June 18, 1778. Deed Book 11, page 74, Halfax County, Va.

So it is indicated that the daughter of Stephen Collins, perhaps a daughter by his wife Katherine McIndree, married one Richard Shackelford. So here we find Stephen Collins being the son-in-law of a Roger Shackelford, and the father-in-law of a Richard Shackelford, and the brother-in-law of Richard.

But who was the son-in-law of Stephen Collins? We believe we have the answer to that question too.

James Shackelford, son of Roger, and mentioned seventh, was deceased in 1779 at the time Roger dated his Will. He mentioned his two granddaughters, daughters of James, but he did not name them. But among the tax lists of Hanover County we find that one James Shackelford was deceased, and his wife Judith named as the administrator in 1778. (See Hanover Mi gations, page 108). Then Judith Shackelford appears on the Hanover tax lists the last time in 1783, and appears on the King & Queen tax lists in the same community as Drucilla and Robinson Shackelford in 1784, with 8 tithes and 9 blacks. She is shown on the King and Queen tax lists in 1790 with 4 tithes and 3 blacks, and with a son Richard that


was over sixteen years of age, which would place his birth date back to 1774 or earlier. So this Richard could well have been the son-in-law of our Stephen Collins in 1794.

Richard Shackelford, son-in-law of Stephen Collins, died in 1821, and his wife appointed administrator of the estate and guardian of his children, but niether the wife or the children are named.


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We will now consider and discuss Roger Shackelford, Jr. Or shall we say, Roger III. Roger the immigrant beingRoger I, Roger who married Carey Baker, being Roger II, and this Roger now being discussed as Roger III. And this Roger also had a son Roger, whom we shall designate as Roger IV.

It appears that this Roger III was born in Virginia, probably Hanover County, in 1744. But there too, seems to be some confusion. No date, exact date, or his birth has ever been found, but the date of his death is known, showing his age at the time, but two dates are shown, so we are not certain just which one is correct. He appears to have (moved?) a number of times, living for a time in Albemarle Co., Va., and from there to Madison County, Ky. The records of Madison County do not reveal him as being a land owner, but he does appear on the personal tax list. Then he also appears on the personal tax list of Clark County, Kentucky.

Later he is said to have moved to Nashville, Tenn., and then he is said to have moved to West Tennessee, place not shown, but only for a short time, as it was from here no doubt, that he returned to Kentucky where he and his second wife, whom he married in Madison Co., Ky., in 1801, became Shakers, 1816.

The Shakers, as perhaps all of you know, were a very peculiar religious sect that thrived for a time in the early part of the 19th century, and had a colony at South Union, just over the line in Logan County, Ky. and perhaps all of you know, forbade cohabitation of the sexes, so among the Shakers


there were no family relationships. No marriages were consumated, and when a married man and his wife became members the man occupied quarters in one section of the colony and the woman in another. The children, if any, were given over to the care of a "Mother Superior". who looked after all the children in the colony.

One man in the colony kept a journal of every day events. The colony at South Union was organized in 1806 and disbanded in 1917. And the old records--The Journals, have been preserved, have been gathered up and published.

So Roger Shackelford and his wife, became Shakers, and when they entered the colony they brought with them five children, but not a single name was shown. Since he married the first time in 1767, and the second time in 1801, the children they brought with them were probably children of the second marriage. Later we shall give the names of five that we believe were the children mentioned, as theirs.

But again there is some confusion as to the number of children born to Roger Shackelford and his first wife--Nancy Ann Carter. Our records showing the names of the children of Roger and Nancy Ann Carter-Shackelford, were sent to us by Mrs. George B. (Ann Carver) Graves, now deceased, of Nashville, Tenn. She had no written record of the family, but the names were given her by her grandfather-Joseph Binkley and her uncle-Henry Binkley.

Joseph Shackelford Binkley was a son of Frederick Binkley and his wife Adeline Shackelford, apparently the youngest daughter of Roger and Nancy Ann. He was born in 1810 and died in 1887. Her uncle Henry Binkley was born in 1847 and died in 1934. So they should have known.

Her records show them with twelve children, but she was not sure of three of them, and we have since learned that the three she was not sure of were not children of Roger and Nancy Ann.

The first records that came to us of Roger Shackelford gave his birth date as 1740, but the Shaker records show that he died November 24, 1824, at the age of 80 years, which would place the date of


his birth as 1744.

He was married to Nancy Ann Carter, October 13, 1767. According to records sent to us by Mrs. Ann Carver Graves, Nancy Ann Carter was the daughter of Charles Carter and Nancy Ann Byrd. But according to records sent to us by Miss Mildred Murphy, of Los Angeles, Calif., there is some question as to the parentage of Nancy Ann Carter. So her parentage cannot be verified at this time. She died, probably in Madison County, Ky., about 1798.

Our records show that Roger Shackelford and Nancy Ann Carter had the following children:

Richard-------------------(married Martha (Patsy) Spears)

William-------------------(married Elizabeth (Betsy) Moore)

Edward-------------------(married Mary Peasley) *

John----------------------(married ?? Lawyer, remained in Va.)

James---------------------(married Margaret (Peggy) Simpson) *

Elizabeth------------------(married James Busby)


Thomas-------------------(married Agnes Clopton) *

Roger IV------------------(married Elizabeth Stewart)

Nancy Ann----------------(married Henry Guthrie)

Carter---------------------(married Susan Briscoe)

Adeline--------------------(married Frederick Binkley)

Roger Shackelford III, then married for his second wife-Sally Laird, of Madison County, Ky., July 16, 1801. She was born October 1, 1776, place not known, and died at Shakertown, South Union, Ky., January 19, 1825. They had five children, but no names are shown for them, but we are of the opinion that four of them were as follows:

Zachariah----------------(no further record)

Montgomery-------------(moved to Texas, later to Calif.)

Barney-------------------(born 1807 and died 1827)

Hudson------------------(born 1811, died Sept. 11, 1835)

The three sons mentioned above whose names are followed by an asterisk, are the three that Mrs. Graves was not positive were sons of Roger. And although it is entirely possible that they had sons named James, Edward and Thomas, we have records now showing that the three above were not sons of Roger. So in your consideration of the family of Roger please remember that Edward, James and Thomas, the


three who married the women named above, were not sons of Roger and Nancy Ann.

The above mentioned James was a son of Rev. John Shackelford of Caroline County, Virginia.

Edward was a son of James Shackelford, who died in Madison County, Kentucky, 1795.

Thomas was a son of another James Shackelford, who died in Mason County, Kentucky.

Mrs. Graves stated that her uncle Henry Binkley always claimed Judge James Orville Shackelford, son of the above named Thomas, as a cousin. But that could well have been, as this Thomas descended from John Shackelford, son of James, son of Roger, the immigrant. And then too, he married Sabina Shackelford, a second cousin of his, who also descended from the same John.

We do not know the order of birth of the children of Roger and Nancy Ann, but since Richard married first we have placed him first, although it may be that Roger IV was the eldest. But since we know William's birth date he will have to be placed either first or second. We have him in second place.

Richard Shackelford, son of Roger and Nancy Ann, remained in Virginia. Roger and Nancy Ann married in 1767, and Richard married Martha (Patsy) Spears, in Albemarle County, Va., June 4, 1789. So he has to be first or near the first born. He died in Albemarle County, Va., 1832, as his estate was appraised August 21, 1832. Ryland Rodes being appointed admininstrator. His widow was still living.

Martha (Patsy) Spears was the daughter of James and Ann Spears. She and Richard evidently had six children, as Richard had six heirs, all drawing an equal share of his estate. The six heirs as follows:

James Shackelford------------married Elizabeth Swiley)?

Ewell Easten------------------married Martha Shackelford)?

William Shackelford-----------married Susan Bowen)?

John Shackelford--------------married ??

James M. Bishop--------------married ??

John A. Marchant-------------married ??

The above three marriages are followed by question marks because we are not certain that they are


children of Richard and Patsy Shackelford. But the marriage records do show that one James Shackelford married Elizabeth Swiley, one Ewell Easten married Martha Shackelford, and one William Shackelford married Susan Bowen. All in Albemarle Co., Va.

But there was another Richard Shackelford in Albemarle County, but appears to have moved to Fluvanna County, as we find the following records in Albemarle and Fluvanna.

Richard Shackelford of Albemarle County, purchased land in Fluvanna County, from William Moon and wife Charlotte, who were also of Albemarle County, November 18, 1820. Then this Richard Shackelford appears to have moved to Fluvanna, and was deceased by or before 1847.

Henry J. Shackelford, whose wife was Eliza Ann, of Hinds County, Mississippi, sold his interest in the estate of Richard Shackelford, deceased, of Fluvanna County, Va., to Mrs. Sharah D. Shackelford and Richard D. Shackelford, both of Fluvanna County, September 1, 1847. Mrs. Sarah D. Shackelford was the widow of Richard, and Henry J. and Richard D. Shackelford were the only heirs of the deceased Richard Shackelford. Deed book 15, page 136, Fluvanna County, Virginia. This Richard was deceased and his estate appraised September 23, 1837.

As this record shows, Henry J. Shackelford was of Hinds County, Miss., and we have a record of his children, but we know nothing of his ancestry, so would be grateful for that information. Nor do we know anything of the family of Richard D.

Richard D. Shackelford, of Fluvanna County, purchased land in Fluvanna, from Edward H. Moon and Wife Anna Mariah, January 14, 1841. Deed Book 13, page 251, Fluvanna County.

The following Shackelford marriages are of record in Albemarle County,Virginia.

Mordecai Shackelford, son of John and Ann Shackelford, married Sarah Jones, daughter of John and Annie Shackelford-Jones, marriage bond dated October 12, 1788. (They may have been cousins)

Richard Shackelford married Patsy Spears, daughter


of James and Ann Spears, marriage bond dated June 4, 1789. Roger Shackelford, bondsman.

James Busby married Elizabeth Shackelford, daughter of Roger and Nancy Ann Carter-Shackelford, marriage bond dated March 4, 1790. Roger Shackelford, bondsman.

Zachariah Shackelford, son of John and Mary Mason-Shackelford, married Susan Gilmore, marriage bond dated June 20, 1809.

The last named Zachariah Shackelford, son of John and Mary Mason-Shackelford, had among several others, a brother Richard. Query: Was his brother Richard the Richard of Fluvanna County?

Daniel Shackelford, brother of the above named Zachariah, married Patsy Carr, marriage bond dated December 24, 1817.

James Shackelford married Martha Garrison, marriage bond dated May 11, 1824.

Henry Shackelford married Eliza A. Perkins, marriage bond dated May 23, 1832.

J. Shackelford married Rebecca Bishop, marriage bond dated November 13, 1830.

Ewell Easten or Eastin married Martha Shackelford, marriage bond dated October 7, 1830.

George Marchant married Adelia Shackelford, marriage license dated December 23, 1835.

William Marshall married Mary Shackelford May 4, 1837.

John A. Shackelford married Elizabeth Mosby, December 26, 1843.

Caleb A. Colquitt married M. C. Shackelford August 31, 1847.

George W. Harris married Jane Shackelford November 30, 1847.

A. G. Dulaney married F. M. Shackelford September 20, 1848.

William Shackelford married Sarah Moon June 29, 1848.

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