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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

Editor: T. K. Jones. 2306-8th St. Lubbock, Texas.

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Lubbock, Texas April 1955. Vol. 10. No. 12.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



It is with a great deal of pleasure that we type this issue of the Magazine, yet tinged with a bit of sadness. With pleasure because this number completes our tenth year of publication. And in that ten years this little leaflet has gone into thousands of homes, into no less than thirty three of these United States--perhaps more. It has gone to many that this writer has never had the pleasure of meeting, yet has been the medium through which we have met many of you that otherwise we may never have heard of you, and by which we have made many new friends. It has been handed from one person to another, mailed from one to another, and as a result we have now in our possession records that we never would have had, those that come from remote and unexpected places, and from those least expected to have records that we were seeking. All of which has been a joy to us, and it is with pride that we now make these acknowledgements.

But tinged with a bit of sadness, because this issue just might be the last one to be published. Well there will be two others, as we are mailing four each month.

We have had very favorable response to our plea for subscriptions, but not enough. But with the increase in subscription rates we can continue publication with less subscribers, and we want to keep

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the Magazine coming your way. So with a few more subscribers we will try to continue at least for another year. And please do not be afraid to mail in your subscriptions, as all unused monies will be refunded if the Magazine is discontinued.

We will continue to offer a complete set of ten volumes--the first ten, which this number of the Magazine will complete, for the total sum of $5.00. We will have to say however, that we cannot make immediate shipment of all ten volumes--we are short several numbers. But we have orders for several of the complete sets, and will be re-publishing those that are short very soon. So should you wish a complete set you need not remit, just say that you want it, and then remit when you have received the complete set. That is, ten complete volumes, 120 Magazines, all for $5.00.


"If it were not for the telephone poles and fire plugs nothing would make some auto drivers think"-


We have another query that concerns Pittsylvania and Henry County, Virginia Shackelfords, so while we are replying to that query we wish to give you what we have on the Shackelfords of those two Virginia Counties. But since we will not have sufficient space in one number of the Magazine we will firsrt bring you up to date with the family news.

And to begin with we wish to welcome the following new members of the Clan: some of them are belated reports, but not heretofore published.

Bate Carpenter Toms III, born September 2, 1949.

John Shackelford Toms, born November 9, 1952. Both of them sons of Dr. and Mrs. Bate Carpenter Toms, Jr., of Baltimore, Maryland. Mrs. Toms was the former Miss Margaret Spencer Shackelford, daughter of the late Dr. John Armstrong Shackelford, of Martinsville, Virginia.

Brooks Russell Leavitt, Jr., born January 16, 1952.

Spencer Shackelford Leavitt, born July 27, 1954.

Frances Shackelford Leavitt, born October 1, 1955.

Sons and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Russell Leavitt, Sr., of Martinsville, Va. Mrs. Leavitt was the

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former Miss Frances Martin Shackelford, daughter of the late Dr. John Armstrong Shackelford, also of Martinsville, Va., and a sister to Mrs. Toms.

Robert Holt Chapman III, born May 5, 1951.

John Shackelford Chapman, born February 18, 1953.

Both sons of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holt Chapman, Jr., of Spartanburg, S.C. Mrs Chapman was the former Miss Blanche Harrison Shackelford, daughter of the late Dr. John Armstrong Shackelford, of Martinsville, Va., and a sister to both Mrs. Toms and Mrs. Leavitt.

Paula Lucille Shackelford, born January 30, 1953.

Vickie Jane Shackelford, born Sept. 8, 1954.

Both daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aubrey and Barbara Gibbons-Shackelford, of Texarkana, Arkansas.

William Otis Shackelford, born July 9, 1954. son of Mr. and Mrs. William Osborn Shackelford, also of Texarkana. William Osborn Shackelford, was recently killed in an automobile accident.

George Thomas Shackelford, born December 24, 1954. Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Robert Shackelford, Jr., and we presume they are also of Texarkana, Ark. Mrs. George Robert Shackelford was the former Miss Genevieve Russell, but parentage not shown.

There was one other baby boy born to a member of the Clan at Lexington, Tenn., but no name was mentioned, nor had the marriage of the parents ever been reported to us. So details cannot be shown.


Several weddings have been reported to us since we reported them to you, so we will now take the time to tell you about them.

And the first is one that we take pride in reporting, since we know the groom personally, as well as his entire family. And now Miss Rita Lee Beckett, parentage not shown, became the bride of Rev. Joseph Risk Johnson, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Risk and Ethel Butner-Johnson, of Lexington, Ky. Rev. Mr. Johnson is a minister of The Christian Church and pastors a church in Louisville, Ky., where they will make their home. They married June 10, 1955.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, parents of Rev. Johnson, are people that we feel is the salt of the earth, our very good friends, of Lexington, Ky., and people

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the like of which makes one feel proud to be an American and counted among their friends.

Miss Betty Lou Shackelford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Shackelford, of Greenville, N.C., became the bride of Mr. Stuart McDonald Shinn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald Shinn, of Charleston, W.Va., June 11, 1955. And after a brief honeymoon they will be at home in Greenville, N.C.

Mrs. Maxine Shackelford, of Eastpoint, Ga., announced the appraching marriage of her daughter--Miss Jean Shackelford, to Mr. Edward A. Armstrong, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Armstrong, of Red Oak, for June 24, 1955. We presume the marriage was consumated at the announced time.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Shckelford, of Alpharetta, Ga., announced the approaching marriage of their daughter--Miss Jo Ann Shackelford, to Rev. Mr. Robert Lafayette Ramsey, of Doerun, for August 9, 1955. And we presume the marriage was consumated then.

Mr. and Mrs. James Curtis Garner, residence not shown, announced the approaching marriage of their daughter--Miss Sarah Ann, to Mr. Henry Lee Shackelford, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Shackelford, of Spring Hill, Alabama, for August 27, 1955. And we presume this marriage was consumated on that date.

And Miss Mary Alene Weathers, winsome daughter of Mrs. Daniel Richard Doane, of Lexington, Ky., and the late Mr. Thomas Allen Weathers, became the bride of Mr. Clyde William Hatfield, son of John Goebel Hatfield, of Maysville, Ky., November 26, 1955.

Mr. Clyde Maness, of Beech Bluff, Tenn., name of parents not shown, and Miss Sarah Maud Lewis, daughter of Mrs. Ada Shackelford-Lewis, Jackson, Tenn., and the late Mr. Grover Hart-Lewis, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, December 23, 1955.(transcriber's note: these dates are correct.)

To all of whom we, on behalf of the entire Clan, extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes.


It now becomes our duty to report to you the sad portion of our little leaflet, that of the passing from these earthly scenes of four venerable and beloved members of our Clan. Two of them should

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have been reported in the last issue, but some how we overlooked them, and report them to you now.

Mrs. Elizabeth Whitney Hughes, was born the daughter of John Johnson and Judith Catherine Darnaby-Coons, in Fayette County, Ky., November 22, 1866. She died in Phoenix, Arizona, June 30, 1955.

Elizabeth Whitney Coons was married to J. Richard Hughes, February 7, 1884, to which union were born four children, two of them preceding her in death, one in infancy, and a son in young manhood. She is survived by one son and one daughter, twenty grand children, two sisters--the Misses Etta and Emma Coons, of Lexington, Ky. Her husband preceded her in death July 6, 1944.

Charles William Matthews, of Woodland, Georgia, was born December 16, 1884. He died at Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, Ga., July 26, 1955, after suffering a heart attack a few days earlier. He was married to Miss Sally Cornelia Woodall, daughter of Henry Thomas and Rachel Ida Pye-Woodall, August 26, 1908. They had no children. No other details were shown, but he is survived by his wife.

The death of Mr Matthews was sad news indeed to ye Editor. We never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, but Mrs. Martthews, a descendant of William T. and Nancy J. Shackelford-Thornton, has been a subscriber for our little Magazine for many years, has been very interested and active in genealogy, and extremely co-operative in supplying us with records of the Thornton family. May the Lord bless and comfort her in her loss and sorrow.

Mrs. Pearl S. Richardson, of Axton, Va., was born the daughter of George William and Martha Ann Richardson-Shackelford, of Henry County, Virginia, July 31, 1874. She died in Henry County, Virginia, June 21, 1955.

Mrs. Richardson was twice married, her first marriage was to John Reamey Semple, son of James and Susan L. Reamey-Semple, January 2, 1900. John Reamey Semple was born April 10, 1873, and died July 20, 1900, just six months after their marriage. They had no children.

Mrs. Pearl Shackelford-Semple, then married for

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her second husband-James Armstrong Richardson, the son of William A. and Elizabeth Armstrong-Richardson, January 5, 1907. He was born November 12, 1866, and died January 23, 1913. They had three children, ie: James Armstrong, Jr., George Shackelford and Frances Bryant Richardson, all of whom survive. She is also survived by, at last report, four grand children.

This writer is indeed sad to learn of the death of Mrs. Richardson. She too, was a very much interested person in genealogy, and for some time we had a pleasant, and from a genealogical point of view, a very profitable correspondence. She was just as co-operative as a person could be, and sent us as many of the records of her branch of family as she was able to find for us. We shall certainly miss Mrs. Richardson. May the Lord bless and comfort all of those who mourn her loss.

Dr. John R. Armstrong Shackelford, born a son of Dr. Jesse Martin Shackelford and wife--Fanny Gardner Armstrong, Noverber 30, 1893, in Henry County, Va. He died at The Johns-Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, February 4, 1956, after a long illness and a heart ailment.

Dr, Shackelford was married to Miss Margaret Dillard Spencer, November 16, 1921, to which union were born four daughters--now Mrs. Bate Carpenter Toms, of Baltimore, Maryland, Mrs. Brooks Russell Leavitt, of Martinsville, Va., Mrs. Robert H. Chapman, of Spartanburg, S.C., and Miss Mary Williamson Shackelford, of Martinsville, Va., home of Dr. Shackelford. All of whom survive. He is also survived by his wife and seven grand children.

Dr. Shackelford was a wonderful man, and he too, has been a correspondent of ours, and a contributor of genealogical information of his branch of the family. His daughter had this to say about him, and we quote--"He was beloved by all who knew him, and worshiped by his family"--end of quote.

7 (955)

Dr. John, as he was affectionately known, was a son of the late Dr. Jesse Martin Shackelford, founder of The Shackelford Hospital in Martinsville, Va. And after he received his Medical Degree from Johns-Hopkins Hospital he was associated with his father in the hospital founded by his father, until his father died a few years ago, and continued his work in the same hospital until his health forced his retirment two years ago. He was, in the words of their Local Newspaper, "one of their most beloved citizens". Later we shall have more to say about both Dr. John Shackelford and his father, Dr. Jesse Martin Shackelford.

And on behalf of the entire Clan we extend our deepest and most profound sympathy to each and all of those who mourn the loss of loved ones. May the Lord bless and comfort each and every one of you in your hours of sorrow.


"Blessed are they that mourn; for they shall be comforted"--Matthew 5:4.



It will be noted that both Mrs. Richardson and Dr. Shackelford, whose deaths we have just reported, were both of Henry County, Virginia. And now we have a query this month that concerns this branch of the family. And although we cannot give our correspondent positive information, we can supply some of it, and other information that we shall let our querist and readers read and study the information that we shall submit, along with our deductions, and trust that if we are in error some one will be kind enough to correct us.

Pittsylvania County, Va. was created in 1766 from Halifax Co. Henry County was created 1776 from Pittsylvania. So in making a study of the Shackelfords in this area, we find that there were more than one family represented, all of whom may or may not have been closely related. And since the whole area was one county at one time, it is entirely possible that none of them ever moved, but that a

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number of them were cut off in the new County when it was created.

From the deed records and from the tax lists we find the following Shackelfords:

William Shackelford appears to have been the very first man of the name in Pittsylvania County, as he was there as early as 1770. But this could not be the son of Henry, as William, son of Henry, was born 1759, therefore would have been but eleven years of age in 1770. But there is nothing to indicate what became of this William.

One William Shackelford, whose wife was Anna, probably his second wife, died in Pittsylvania Co., about 1844, according to an instrument dated January 3, 1845. This William had children as follows:

Elizabeth C.------------------(married Joseph S. Rice)

John T.-----------------------(born ?? married ??

Absalom----------------------(born ?? married ??

William, Jr.--------------------(born ?? married ??

Nancy-------------------------(born ?? married ??

Anna--------------------------(born ?? married ??

Mary H.-----------------------(born ?? married ??

Francis A.---------------------(born ?? married ??

See Deed Book 50, page 13, Pittsylvania Co., Va.

The above could not have been the same William that was in Pittsylvania in 1770, for that William was involved in a law suit at that time, and that was 74 years before this William died.

The next Shackelford to appear in Pittsylvania Co. was John, who shows up there in 1777. This John had served in or under the command of Captain Francis Kirtley and Colonel Petter Hogg, in an expedition against the Indians in 1755. His service was certified August Court 1780. Order Book 4, p. 336.

This writer is of the opinion that this John was the same John that died in Shelby County, Ky, 1819. He had a son Mordecai, who claims in his pension petition that after his Revolutionary service that he returned to Pittsylvania Co. And we know that he was a son of John, as he so states. More of those in the next issue.

So until next month, Adios--The Editor.

Transcribed by Alex Early June 1998


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