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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

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Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Please note that we are now back at home in Texas. Details and story of our return in a later issue.

Beginning in May 1954, we believe, we began discussing the Shackelfords of Richmond County, Va., and continued that discussion until October 1954, at which time we concluded our remarks with a copy of the Will of Lyne Shackelford.

But we still have a few notes on the Richmond Co. branch of the family that we want to publish, but we still have some queries that we wish to mention, and we will now discuss those queries, then finish the Richmond County records before going into the other records that we wish to give you, and also bring you up to date on the family happenings, with some personal mentions thrown in for good measure.

In our first query there appears to be somewhat of a doubt as to whether this concerns a Shackelford, but there does appear to be a Shackelford connection some way. So we are going to publish what we have and if there is a Shackelford ancestry here it concerns a branch of the family of whom we have no information whatever.

This information comes from Mrs. Arnold J. Lethen, of Clarksville, Missouri. Her records indicate a marriage of a Mr. Craddock and Cynthia Ann Shackelford; and she names the followng children:

Martha Jane----------------(married James Berry Butler)

Nancy M.------------------(married Bole Poindexter)

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Sally Anna------------------(married Moses Colvin Hardison)

George--------------------(born ?? married ??

James-----------------------(born ?? married ??

The above mentioned Mr. Craddock was born about 1800-1810. They moved to Missouri, near Salem, and family tradition has it that they went to Missouri from Greene County, Kentucky.

Later we had a letter from Mrs. Julia M. Butler, of Evanston, Ill, sister to Mrs. Lethen, and she informs us that it was Willis Craddock that was the father of the above named Craddock children. And that James Berry Butler was the son of Jasper Butler. But as before stated, it is doubtful that there is a Shackelford ancestry in this family, but if there be those that can help us out on this problem we shall be forever grateful.


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Our next query comes from Mrs. Earl R. Monroe, of Venedocia, Ohio. That is, she was of Venedocia, O., at that time, but has since moved. And her query she quotes from "Pioneers of West Virginia, by Hughes" as follows: Quote "Descendants of William Shackelford--England to New England--to Virginia--to West Virginia. My husband is a descendant of John Monroe--married Jane Shackelford, daughter of ??, of Culpepper County, Virginia.

Their son Nathaniel Monroe married Catherine Brannin and Mary Allen, both of Ohio; and had a son--Dr. John B. Monroe, married Adeline Stewart. They had a son Joseph Monroe that married Molly Wein; and they had a son that was named James that married Margaret Elias. Then James and Margaret Elias-Monroe had a son Earl R. Monroe, who married Beryl Pepple. The latter being the author of this query.

Now it so happens that we have many records of Culpepper County, Va., but nothing that shows a marriage between John Monroe and Jane Shackelford, or any other male Monroe having married a Shackelford.

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We have records of no less than a half dozen Jane Shackelford, none of them as having married a Monroe. But one Jane Monroe did marry a Shackelford. Among our Culpepper County records we find the following Shackelfords:

One Shackelford, whose name is not shown, had a wife named Molly--maiden name unknown, and the following children are shown for them:

John-------------------(married Elizabeth Matthews

Elizabeth---------------(born ?? married ?? died 1840

Nancy----------------- (born ?? died ?? married ??

Polly-------------------(born ?? died ?? married ??

Caty--------------------(married Martin Button)

Caty Shackelford was the first wife of Martin Button, but she died in 1789. He died in 1854.

John Shackelford, mentioned above, who married Elizabeth Matthews, died in 1805. Date of his birth is not shown. They had at least five children, as follows:

Catlett-----------------(born ?? died ?? married ??

Frances----------------(born ?? died ?? married ??

Sarah------------------(born ?? died ?? married ??

Morgan----------------(maried Jane Monroe)

Theophilus-------------(born ?? died ?? married ??

After the death of John Shackelford in 1805, his widow Elizabeth married for her second husband Nathaniel Doores. She died in Culpepper County, Virginia, in 1840.

Morgan Shackelford, son of John and Elizabeth Matthews-Shackelford, was born in Culpeppper County, Va., 1799, the date according to census records. He later moved to Kentucky where he remained but a short time, then moved on over to Boon County, Mo., where he died in 1855. Census records show him with five children in 1850, but his wife was evidently deceased, as she is not mentioned. Probate records in Boon County, Mo., show the following heirs, and all appear to have been his children:

Anne E.-------------------(married Atwell B. Gatewood)

Cumberland M.------------(married Catherine Marmaduke)

William F.------------------(married Ruth Galloway)

(see next page).

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R. H.Shackelford----------(married ??

J. S. Shackelford----------(married ??

Rebecca Shackelford------(married ??

So in the above records we do not find even a clue as to the parentage of Jane Shackelford that married John Monroe. And we have many many other records of Culpepper, but without a clue concerning Jane Shackelford-Monroe.

But it will be noted that Mrs. Monroe, in her inquiry, mentioned descendants of William Shackelford-England to New England--to Virginia--to West Virginia. So we have also checked what few records we have of West Virginia Shackelfords, and while we find no Jane, we do find a William. But according to our information this man was Joseph William, and he came into Frederick County, Va., and according to family tradition they were from Newton or Newtown, in King & Queen County. From Frederick Co., he moved to Monongalia County, Va., now West Virginia. This Joseph William Shackelford was married a second time, the name of his second wife not being known, but his first wife was a Jones.

Joseph William Shackelford is known to have had at least five children, but there is supposed to have been others. As he was in King & Queen County, and as the records in King & Queen have been destroyed it is difficult to learn more about him and his family. The names of his five children are as follows:

Frances Jones-------(married Col. William H. Dulaney)

Joseph A.-----------(married 1st Elizabeth Clark)

Nancy---------------(born ?? married ??

Samuel J.------------(born ?? married ??

Elizabeth P.----------(married Col. William H. Dulaney)

It is known that Frances Jones Shackelford was a daughter of Joseph William and his first wife, and that Elizabeth P. was a daughter by the second wife, the mother of the other three is not know, but from what dates we have it is apparent that the first wife was the mother of all of them except the above named Elizabeth P.

It will also be noted that Frances Jones-Shackelford and her half-sister Elizabeth P., both married Col. William H. Dulaney, both wives of

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the same man--Col. William Hedgeman Dulaney, Sr., was a son of William Dulaney and his wife--Mary Roberts. William H. Dulaney, Sr., was born Feb. 7, 1763, probably in Culpepper County, Va. He died January 7, 1809, in Virginia, probably Shenandoah County; He was married to Frances Jones Shackelford, daughter of Joseph William Shackelford and his first wife, September 14, 1786. She was born July 16, 1770, and is said to have died about the year 1800, but this date is in error, as the dates of the children's births will prove.

William Hedgeman Dulaney, Sr., then married for his second wife--Elizabeth P. Shackelford, half sister to his first wife, November 11, 1807. The dates of her birth and death are not known. William H. Dulaney, Sr., was the father of five children, ie:

Fortunatus Fleming------------(b. Feb. 10, 1792 died ??

Dr. Elkanah Roberts-----------(b. July 14, 1795 died ??

William Hedgeman, Jr.---------(b. March 27, 1799 died ??

Margaret (Peggy)--------------(b. June 29, 1801 died ??

Charles Robert---------------- (b. August 14, 1803 died ??

We have several records of the descendants of William Hedgeman Dulaney, but since we publish this in order to offer a clue concerning Jane Shackelford-Monroe, we do not deem it necessary to publish additional records at this time.


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Since we have already given you all the wills and marriages that are of record, and that we have, of Richmond County, all we have left are the court orders and estate settlements, along with our own deductions; and we hope that some one can correct us when and whereever we happen to be in error in our deductions.

It will be noted in the will of Richard Shackelford, Jr., dated 1794, that he mentioned a son William, and as we pointed out, the son of William was a son by his first wife--Elizabeth Redman. Then in

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your Shackelford Clan Magazine for August 1954, we gave you three William Shackelford marriages. One of them was for William Shackelford-Frances Redman, Jan. 28, 1786. Another with Sarah New, Jan. 18, 1794. And the last one was with B. Smith, June 9, 1801.

Of course we are not certain that the three above mentioned marriages were three men, two men, or just one man, but it is our opinion that there were two different men, both named William.

We believe the first and last named William was the same man, but that he who married Sarah New was a different man. And we also believe that the first and last named William was the son of Richard, Jr., who died in 1794.

William had a son William, Jr., and we see by reference to the Clan Magazine of August 1954, page 3, that William, Jr. was born October 12, 1793. so by that we see that he was a son by the first wife--Frances Redman.

Now what we are concerned with is to know what became of this William, Jr. William, Sr. left no will, but one Richard L. Shackelford was administrator of the estate of William, Sr., would have been old enough as this was in 1816. And who was Richard L-? We also see that Richard L. Shackelford was deceased, and his estate administered by William R. Shackelford, in 1825. Neither Richard L. or William R. appears to have been a son of Richard III., Clement, or Vincent. Therefore it is our opinion that they were both sons of Wiliam, Sr.

Elizabeth B. Shackelford, whose will has been published, in her will, gave to her niece--Elizabeth B. Ball, all her right, title and interest in the estate of her husband--William Shackelford, deceased, by him made over to me, she says, in two deeds of gift, naming negroes, stocks and sundry other property named in the deeds. (We were unable to find the two deeds of gift. T.K.J.) But no children were mentioned by Elizabeth B. Shackelford, which indicates that she had no children. So all children that William, Sr. may have had were by his first wife, or else they died before their mother.

But as for Richard L. Shackelford, whom we consider a son of William, Sr., we know very little. We

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do not know the name of his wife, nor do we know how many children he had, but we do know that he had at least two.

Richard L. Shackelford was deceased, and William R. Shackelford was administrator of his estate, appointed May 1, 1825. Order Book 26, page 306.

William Garland was guardian of Albert and Alice Shackelford, children of Richard L. Shackelford. Order Book 28, page 397. (This last instrument was not dated, but see later reference to Order Book 28 for approximate date).

As for William R. Shackelford, whom we consider another son of William Shackelford, Sr., we have more information. He married Fanny Davis, daughter of George Davis, and they were married as early as 1823, when they sold land to Martin Pew, December 4, 1823, Shackelford being of North Farnham Parish. Deed Book 21, page 575.

William R. Shackelford and his wife--Fanny Davis had at least five children, as follows:

Elizabeth F.---------------(married Henry Montague)

George W.----------------(born ?? married ??

Richard L.-----------------(born ?? married ??

Virginia--------------------(born ?? married ??

Sarah Ann-----------------(born ?? married ??

For proof of the above list we submit the following: Elizabeth F., George W., Richard L., Virginia, and Sarah Ann Shackelford, infant heirs of Fanny L. Shackelford, who was a sister of Josiah B. Davis, by their next friend--William R. Shackelford, as plantiffs,filed a suit against Robert H. Davis, Juliet Plumber, William S. Northem, and wife Sarah Ann Northem, as defendants, in which they sued for a division of the estate of Josiah B. Davis in March of 1824. Order Book 28, page 208.

William S. Northem was appointed guardian of Richard L. Shackelford, George W., and Sally, infant heirs and orphans of William R. Shackelford, April, 1840. Order Book 29, page 182. And in this same instrument is where we learn that Elizabeth, another of the children of William R. married Henry Montague. Elizabeth had previously chosen Peter Northem guardian, December 1835. Orders 28, p. 345.

8 (948)

Clement Shackelford, the second son mentioned by Richard Shackelford, Jr., married Mary Lawson Redman, May 23, 1798, and they had at least five children, as follows:

Richard C.-------------(born ?? married ??

Vincent R.-------------(born ?? married ??

William----------------(born ?? married ??

John-------------------(born ?? married ??

James------------------(born ?? married ??

For proof of the above list we find the following instruments: Vincent Shackelford, in his will, mentioned William, John and James, the three youngest children of his sister-in-law--Mary L. Shackelford. (Shackelford Clan Magazine, September 1954). page 5. This had to be the wife of Clement, as his other brothers did not have a wife named Mary L.

Also: Moore F. Brockenbrough, administrator for the estate of Vincent Shackelford. Robert Taylor and wife--Peggy, were plantiffs in a law suit wherein Richard C., Vincent R., William, John and James Shackelford, infant children of Clement Shackelford, deceased, were defendants. December 1822. Order Book 26, page 15.

Clement Shackelford was deceased and his estate administered by Vincent Shackelford, February 6, 1816. Order Book 20, page 56.

Then Mary L. Shackelford was deceased and her estate was administered by the sheriff, (not named) May 8, 1833. Order Book 28, page 133.

Nancy Sandy deeded--deed of gift, a negro boy by the name of Henry, to her nephew--James Shackelford, October 28, 1830. Deed Book 23, page 226. This was James, son of Clement, according to the next item.

Mary L. Shackelford relinquished her right to a legacy left to her by her sister--Nancy M. Sandy, deceased, May 1832. Order Book 28, page 27. She had previously sold her interest in that estate to one Thomas S. Lyell, April 13, 1832. Deed Book 23, page 513.

This concludes our records of Richmond County, Va. Therefore it will be seen that we need many more of the descendants in order to complete our records.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor

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