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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

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Lexington, Ky. February 1955. Vol. 10. No. 10.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Among the records in Salt Lake City will be found micro-films of deeds, wills, court orders, estate settlements, guardian's bonds and others, of all the thirteen original Colonies which later became States; and others of the older States that were admitted to the Union during the latter part of the 18th century and the early part of the 19th century. They have thousands of published records such as family histories, genealogical periodicals dealing with genealogy in its various ramifications, lists of the names of early immigrants and where they settled. In other words, if there is a record in existence that will help in any manner in a genealogical way, and they know of it, they have it.

But should you go to Salt Lake City go prepared to spend some time, as you will find so very much that you want to see, much time will be required in order to find what you are looking for.

Unfortunately, this writer has never had the opportunity to look in on the records contained in the Library of The New England Historic-Genealogical Society, or The Institute of American Genealogy, or The Newberry Library, in Chicago, all of whom, according to reliable information, and according to their lists of publications, have splendid genealogical collections. And a serach of their records will be worthwhile to any person at any time.

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Then there is one genealogical publication that we were about to forget to mention. We refer to the Everton Publishers, publishers of a quarterly Magazine called the "Genealogical Helper", of Logan, Utah. Their Magazine is published in March, June, September and December. In this publication the price is $2.00 per year, and their advertising rates are very reasonable. However, they have a section of the magazine designated as "The Question Box", wherein subscribers may ask questions, ask for information on any person or family and without any charge. They insist though, that all questions be typewritten so as to avoid errors. And we would suggest that should you wish to make use of their facilities that you write them for their rules and specifications before you send along any questions.

In September of each year The Genealogical Helper inserts a section containing the names and address of each person that has sent along a request, and the names of the family or families that each person is interested in. This is known as the "Exchange Edition". This publication is of particular benefit to those who wish to do their own genealogical research without the aid of professional genealogists. Their address--The Everton Publishers, 526 North Main St., Logan, Utah.

One thing we were about to forget to mention about the Genealogical Society of Utah. They have a staff of trained researchers, trained in their particular field of endeavor. For example, they have those who search only the New England records, those who confine their work to the Southern States, etc. So it matter not from whence your ancestors came, there are those trained to search the records for you in that particular area.

This writer knows personally several genealogists in different parts of the country, and will be glad to offer any suggestions to any one wishing work to be done in many areas, and will also be glad to do your work for you in Kentucky for a reasonable fee.

This will be the last of our articles on genealogical research for the time being. Perhaps later there will be others.

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We shall now continue with a discussion of Zachariah Shackelford, of Orange County, Virginia.

For proof that Zachariah came to Kentucky we give you the following deed records: Zachariah Shackelford, of Lincoln County, State of Virginia, exchanged several hundred acres of land in Orange County, State of Virginia, for a like number of acres in Lincoln County, said land on Canoe Creek, with one Zachariah Herndon, of Orange County, Va., dated August 27, 1788. Orange County, Virginia, Deed Book 19, page 291.

This same deed is of record in Mercer County, Ky., but dated here August 26, 1788. Deed Book 3, page 66, Mercer County, Kentucky.

Now what may be confusing to some poeple is the fact that in the first mentioned deed it is stated that Shackelford was of Lincoln County, Va. But it must be remembered that Kentucky was a part of Virginia, and that it was divided into three counties, Jefferson, Lincoln and Fayette. So being a part of Virginia at that time, Lincoln County, Va., was in reality, Lincoln County, Kentucky, or what later became Kentucky. Mercer County was created from Lincoln County.

So by this we see that Zachariah Shackelford, of Orange Co., Va., was already in Kentucky as early as 1788. And as we could find but one Zachariah Shackelford in Orange County, this must be one and the same person.

And as we find mention of but one Zachariah in the early Kentucky records, the above must be the same man. His wife was Dolly.

John Embree of Orange County, Va., left a will but does not mention the names of the daughters. But we find that in the settlement of his estate William Embree was paid thirty pounds and fifteen shillings for John Embree, Joseph Embree and Zachariah Shackelford, which was at the rate of an equal share with the other heirs. So Zachariah must have married Dolly, daughter of John Embree.

As further proof of this we find Embrees in Kentucky, and one of the daughters of Zachariah married Joseph Embree, probably a cousin.

The will of John Embree in Orange Co., Va., was

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dated June 25, 1792, and of record in Will Book 3, page 253, Orange County, Va. And the fact that William Embree collected the share of John, Joseph and Zachariah, indicates that they were not present, and that was four years after Zachariah has shown up in Kentucky.

Zachariah Shackelford lived in Lincoln County, but he owned land in Lincoln, Mercer, and later in Casey County, where he died. And evidently the same man in each case. He apparently did not move out of Lincoln County, but lived in that part of Lincoln that was cut off and created as Casey County, 1806. He was deceased in 1808.

Zachariah Shackelford left no will, but in an unmarked book in Casey County, friendly suit in Chancery, we find the names of his heirs mentioned in the division of some of his land. His son William was the administrator of the estate.

In this instrument we find that Zachariah Shackelford had the following children:

William---------------(married Nancy Sheckley)

Richard---------------(married Tabitha Baldock)

Zachariah-------------(perhaps married Nancy Ross)

James-----------------(married Elizabeth Baldock)

John------------------(married Polly Lawrence)

Sally------------------(married John Killian or Kellum)

Susannah--------------(married Joseph Embree)

The above instrument was dated November 20, 1810.

We have many data of the descendants of Zachariah Shackelford, but at this time we will discuss only the son William.

We do not have the positive proof that William, son of Zachariah, is the same man that went to Cooper County, Missouri. But we do know that William, son of Zachariah, married Nancy Sheckley, and that William Dunn was the bondsman. We also know that about the same time William disappears from Kentucky that one William, whose wife was Nancy, appears in the County of Cooper and State of Missouri. We also find and know that this William had at least four children, perhaps five, and that the eldest was a son (see next page).

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named Richard Dunn. We also know that William and Nancy married in Garrard County, Ky., 1802, and the son Richard Dunn was born 1803, in Kentucky.

And too, we have collected records all over the State of Kentucky, there being but very few that we do not have, and this is the only William that we have found that married a Nancy. Also note the names of his children.

William Shackelford, whose wife was Nancy, was deceased, and George Crawford was the administrator, November 10, 1821, in Cooper County, Mo. The following heirs were mentioned: Richard, Polly, Dorothy, H., and Zachariah Shackelford. From the manner in which the above record was written it is not clear if H. and Zachariah are one, or just H. Zachariah, one or two persons. It is our opinion the latter is correct. Nancy was the widow.

The children of William and Nancy Shackelford married as follows:

Richard Dunn---------(married Ann Elizabeth Hubbard)

Mary (Polly)----------(married Elijah Mack or Mock)

Dorothy---------------(married Robert W. Gale)

H. Zachariah----------(never married, an invalid)

As our correspondent wants the ancestry of this William Shackelford, we will not show additional records of the family at this time.


"Though blind men see no light, the sun doth shine"--Southwell.


Our next query concerns a branch of the family that is much nearer home to us--one that is much closer related than some of the others.

In some of the recent numbers of the Magazine it will be noted that we have mentioned Mr. John F. Morrison, Jr. of Lawrenceburg, Tenn., and Miss Mildred Murphy, of Los Angeles, Calif., is (sic) working earnestly in collecting and compiling records of the ancestry and descendants of Henry Guthrie and

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his wife Nancy Ann Shackelford. However, we are not so much concerned with the ancestry as we are with the descendants. We do know that Henry Guthrie was the son of William Guthrie, who died in Madison Co., Ky. about 1803; and his wife--Eleanor Abbott-Guthrie. And anything that will extend the line further back, will be appreciated.

We have the ancestry of Nancy Ann Shackelford back to two or three generations in England, so very little could be added to that by our readers, we are sure. But of the descendants--that is a different story.

Henry Guthrie was born in Virginia, probably Hanover County, December 10, 1754. He died in Davidson County, Tenn., January 4, 1837. He was the son of William and Eleanor Abbott-Guthrie, both of whom died in Madison County. He was a Revolutionary soldier. He was married to Nancy Ann Shackelford, daughter of Roger and Nancy Ann Carter-Shackelford, in Madison County, Ky., November 24, 1796. She was born in Virginia, probably Halifax County, October 8, 1779, and died in Davidson County, Tenn., April 26, 1870. Thay are known to have had 14 children.

Our records show they had 16 children, but our records are eveidently in error. The records we have or had, came to us from the late Mrs. Ann Carver-Graves, now deceased, of Nashville, Tenn. In our correspondence with Mrs. Graves she failed to show the source of her information, and died before we had the pleasure of meeting her. And later when we contacted one of her daughters, (who has her records) she informed us that the records were in storage and not availabe at that time.

But Susan Guthrie-Waldron, the youngest daughter of Henry Guthrie, in her little book titled "Silent Musings", states that she, Susan Delia, was the 14th and last child. And certainly she should be one person that should know. We will give you the names of the sixteen children as we have them, and each name followed by an asterisk are those known to have been children of Henry and Nancy Ann. They are as follows: (see next page)

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Mary Harris *, Mary Wiliams, Eleanor Thurston*, William, Henry *, John Nathaniel*, Thomas L., Sarah B.*, Asenath*, Daniel S.*, Elizabeth*, Adeline*, Samuel W.*, Nancy B.*, Susanna Delia* and Dudley. (note: only twelve had stars)

So it is evident that two of this number were not children of Henry and Nancy Ann, perhaps Mary Williams and Dudley. Therefore we would greatly appreciate information that will correct this record.

We do not have the space or the time, nor do we feel that it is necessary to give you a list of all the descendants of Henry and Nancy Ann Shackelford-Guthrie, at this time, but we are going to give you what we have on three of their children, and hope that some one can add to what we have. If there be any person that can and will add to the records please contact this writer; Mr.John F. Morrison, Jr., Box 225, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., or Miss Mildred Murphy, 1102 State Bldg, Los Angeles, 12, California.

We will mention the Shane or Shain family first.

Daniel S. Guthrie, one of the sons of Henry Guthrie, married three times but never had any children. He died in Lawrence County, Tenn., in 1901, leaving a will in which he gave his entire estate to his sisters and brother and/or their heirs. And that estate division shows that James B. Shane or Shain, who married Asenath Guthrie, daughter of Henry, had ten children, or there had been ten of them. And they are shown as follows:

Mary E. Phillips, Lucinda D Burnett, Joseph H. Shane, Almira J. Ausmous, Fannie J. Jones, William R. Shane, Ellen C. Morris, Adeline Engles, Ann Hale and Nancy Oliver.

We had been given the information that James B. Shane had moved to Saline County, Ill. and as James B. Shane and Asenath Guthrie had married February 9, 1833, in Davidson County, Tenn., and as we could not secure information from that area we secured the 1860 census records of Saline County, Ill. In that record we found one James B. Shane, whose wife was evidently deceased, but with ten children. Now with the above record we see that this was another James B. Shane, as our record is entirely different from the above. So it will be seen that we need

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additional information of the descendants of James B. Shane and his wife--Asenath Guthrie.

Mary Harris (Polly) Guthrie, daughter of Henry and Nancy Ann Shackelford-Guthrie, was born November 25, 1797, Davidson Co., Tenn. She died in Hardaman County, Tenn., November 10, 1843. She was married to Andrew M. Johnson, July 19, 1816. He was born November 25, 1794, in Brunswick Co., Va., and died in Hardaman Co., Tenn. May 1, 1851. They had nine children as follows: Nancy C., William M., Martha C., Joseph B., Mary E., Joel E., James A., Susanna A., and John H.

The above children according to the settlement of the estate of Andrew M. Johnson, in Hardaman County, Tenn., 1853. Minute Book 8.

Nancy C. Johnson married John Coates.

Martha C. Johnson married Hiram B. Brown.

Elizabeth Guthrie, daughter of Henry and Nancy Ann Shackelford-Guthrie, was born in Davidson Co., Tenn., August 17, 1815. She died in Williamson Co., Tenn., August 28, 1868. She was married to Alexander Ewing Sneed, in Davidson County, Tenn., December 30, 1834. He was born in Williamson Co., Tenn., January 31, 1812, died in Williamson County, Tenn., September 30, 1852. They had twelve children, ie:

Henry Guthrie---------------(married Ann E. Sneed)

James Pleasant--------------(m. Cornelia Matilda Sneed)

Daniel Webster-------------(married ??

Bethenia Ann----------------(married--------------Beadle)

Nancy Shackelford-----------(never married)

Elizabeth Mary---------------(married ??

Alexander Ewing, Jr.----------(never married.

Macaah Perkins--------------(she never married.

Martha (Pattie)---------------(married George Crunk)

Charles R.--------------------(maried Vena ??,. died Calif)

Peter Perkins-----------------(married ??

John Shannon-----------------(maried ??

We have a few data of the Johnson and Sneed descendants, but will be grateful for any and all additional information that any one can and will pass along. Correspondence solicited. And please send us all birth, marriage and death announcements of Shackelford and/or Shackleford descendants.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.

Transcribed by Alex Early June 1998


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