Submitted by: Donnie Shackleford             August 29, 1999

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1850 Census for Tippah County, MS.

Shackelford John W. 61 M Farmer Va

Shackelford Margaret B. 37 F SC

Shackelford Sarah J. 32 F SC

Shackelford Wiley 25 M Farmer SC

REMARKS: Last name listed as Shacelford

Shackelford Stephen 19 M Farmer SC

Shackelford William 18 M Farmer SC

Shackelford Jane 1/12 F SC

Shackelford Andrew 21 M Farmer SC        

Shackelford Mary 30 F SC

Shackelford Andrew 22 M Farmer SC

Shackelford Mary 32 F SC

Shackelford John J. 28 M Farmer SC

Shackelford Margaret 3 F Miss

Shackelford George W. 5/12 M Miss

Shackleford Alfred 34 M SC

Shackleford Mary M. 30 F Tenn

Shackleford Lucy A. F. 12 F Tenn

Shackleford William N. 10 M Tenn

Shackleford James R. 8 M Tenn

Shackleford Elizabeth J. 6 F Tenn

Shackleford Luddy M. 5 M Tenn

Shackleford Sarah M. 3 F Miss

Shackleford Charles M. 8/12 M Miss

Shackleford Nancy 39 F Tenn

Shackleford Silas 16 M Farmer Tenn

Shackleford Elizabeth 14 F Tenn

Shackleford Jane 12 F Tenn

Shackleford Allen 10 M Tenn

Shackleford William 8 M Tenn

Shackleford George 6 M Miss

Shackleford Mary 4 F Miss

Shackleford Peter 3 M Miss

Shackleford Fatima 1 F Miss

Shackleford Elliott F. 38 M Farmer SC

Shackleford Wiley 49 M Farmer SC

Shackleford Martha 30 F Tenn

Shackleford Francis P. 6 F Miss

Shackleford Mary 4 F Miss

Shackleford Thomas J. 2 M Miss

Shackleford William 1 M Miss