Shackelford/Shackleford Burial Location's

I will list the burial locations for your Shackelford/Shackleford Members

To submit them, the following information must be listed or I will not post them

1.  Your Name, first and last

2. Your E-mail address, if it bounces, it will be removed, so you if change your e-mail address, be sure to let me know, also tell me the URL's you are listed in.

3. The name of the Cemetery

4. The town, county and state the cemetery is located (directions to the cemetery would be a nice addition, so others may be able to locate the cemetery, not mandatory)

5. The name and dates as they are listed on their headstone and any other writing that is on the headstone if you would like to add that.

Do not send burial locations that you have not been to, cemetery books are not always correct,  this site is for only factual locations only

As this page grows I will start state pages if there are enough sent to do that

I have started the page in the format I want to use, please use the same format, thank you

Send them to me at: Patricia Viellenave

West Virginia

Robert Carter Shackelford     1835-1917

Lucy C. Shackelford               1842-1911

Reger Church & Cemetery on Brushy Fork, Buckhannon, Upshur Co.,WV

From Hwy. 33 and Brushy Fork, bare south about 2-3 miles, church and cemetery are on the right hand side.

Oscar Fitzgerald Shackelford     1869-1951

Florence Hefner Shackelford      1870-1947

Point Pleasant Cemetery, Adrian, Meade District, Upshur Co., WV., from Adrian turn on the Abbott Road Route 30 about five miles up



North Carolina

South Carolina





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