Shackleford/Shackelford Births that have been Submitted


These births are from the "The Shackelford Quarterly" January 1993, Vol. 1, Number 1. I must thank Sharen Carter for sending me these Shackelford Quarterly's to I may share with other Shackelford researchers.

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Ambrose Grayson Shackelford , b: Aug. 4, 1844 Bullitt, of Pitts Point, s/o Ambrose Grayson & Sarah (Dorsey) Shackelford

Amelia Jane Shackelford b: Aug. 7, 1841 Clark d/o John Metcalf & Amelia (Hickman) Shackelford . There is a 2nd date of her birth as Sep. 9, 1841 Clark

Ann Shackelford b: abt 1805 of Lincoln, d/o Richard & Tabitha (Baldock) Shackelford

Ann Shackelford b: 1841 Casey d/o Nicholas & Nancy Shackelford

Ann Shackelford b: Dec. 29, 1852 Mason, also listed Dec. 29, 183, d/o John & Ann (Chambers) Shackelford

Bell Shackeford, female b: Aug. 1, 1861 Mason, no parents listed

Belle Shackelford b: Nov, 12, 1857 Hopkins, Madisonville, d/o George M. & Mary E. (Staples) Shackeford

Benjamin H. Shackelford b: 1829 Logan s/o George Tarleton & Martha or Patsy (Howard) Shackelford

Berry Shackelford b: 1825 Breathitt  (/Rel: Mary E. Miller Kidd -(Rel: means relative)

Berry Shackeford b: Dec. 7, 1912 Breathitt, Vancleve, s/o Gardner & Nancy Ann (Corum) Shackelford

Betsy /"S" abt 1764 , no place listed, d/o James & Mrs. Sarah Shackelford

Bettie Hickman Shackeford b: 1838 Bourbob, Paris, d/.o William Henry & Margaret (McClanahan) Shackelford

Blanche Shackelford (no "n" in name) b: Mar. 24, 1854 Sshelby, d/o T.O. & P.A. (Whitaker) Shackelford

Caroline /"S: abt 1830 Breathitt, s/o Abner Terry & Nancy (Gossett) Shackelford (I wonder if this could really be a dau.

Carrie Belle Shackelford b: Nov. 12, 1856 Hopkins, Madisonville, s/o George M & Mary E. (Staples) Shackelford  (Iwonder if this is really a dau.)

Catherine Shackelford b: abt. 1838 of Garrard, d/o Richard Dunn & Ann Elizabeth (Hubbard) Shackelford

Catherine Olive Shackelford b: Mar. 13, 1836 Green, d/o Elijah William & Mary (Farmer)

Albemarle Co., VA. Briths found by: Sandy Taylor Shackelford


Abraham Graves Dulaney was born the 12th November 1819

(This next one I don't understand) Sarah C. Cave ( with or ninth) child of Belfield leaves Mildred his wife, was born 12th July 1796   Can anyone tells us what the records are telling us???

Belfield C. Shackleford was born October 13th 1823

Hudson B. Shackleford was born May 7th 1825

Frances M. Shackleford was born June 23rd 1827

Mildred C. Shackleford was born Dec. 9th 1829

R. B. Shackleford was born Dec. 12th 1831

Wm. C. Shackleford was born March 24th 1835

Fanny C. Colquitt was born Aug. 28th 1850

Sally C. Colquitt was born Nov. 9th 1852

Mary E. Colquitt was born Jan. 29th 1855

George R. Shackleford was born Feb. 24th 1856

Sallie Cave Shackleford was born Nov. 19th 1857

Mary Augusta Shackleford was born Feb 9th 1858

Fannie Dulaney Shackleford was born Sept 18th 1859

Henry Barnes Shackleford was born Oct 1st 1859

Mildred Virginia Colquitt was born 27th Feb 1860

Belfield Cave Shackleford was born Oct. 13th 1860

Son of R. B and Mary E. Shackleford William Cave Shackelford was born

July 16th 1861

Sarah J. Shackleford wife of W. C. Shackleford was born 25th August 1845


Edith Sinclair Shackleford born April 11th 1866

Helen Louise Colquitt born May 23rd 1868

Essex County, VA   Births sent by: Sheila Smith Cadwalader

John Shackleford was born in Essex County, VA, circa 1670, and was the son of Roger born 23 April 1629, and Mary Palmer Shackleford from Essex, England.

Birth sent by: Vern & Sybil Shackelford  

John Shackelford b. 1789 Brown County, Ohio

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