Submitted By: Unknown Donor

Revised information on this family in the Shackelford Clan Magazine Vol. 5 issue 10

In your Magazine of July 1947, you will find the Will of Captain Edmund Shackelford, which of course, is correct. But we have had false information of his descendants. Therefore, since we are now in possession of the following authentic information of his family, we take pleasure in passing it along to you. The old Bible of Captain Edmund has been found, and the following entries are copied from its pages:

Edmund Shackelford, Sr., was born May 8th, 1746, died October 12, 1821

Judith Eastin, (his wife) born August 26, 1759, died November 20, 1836

I married my wife Judith Eastin, in January 1779. Written by my own hand this 3rd day of July, 1817, in the 71st year of my age -- Edmund Shackelford, Sr.

Their children are as follows:

Phillip Eastin (born September 22, 1779) (died Oct. 20, 1856)

Edmund, Jr. (born June 7, 1781) (died Sept. 1, 1830

John (born August 28, 1783) (died 1857)

Charles E. (born August 5, 1785)

Nancy R. (born November 20, 1787)

Elizabeth D. (born July 10, 1792) Elizabeth D. Seale (died October 1, 1823)

Rueben E. (born April 19, 1790) (died June 10, 1837

Judith M. (born November 20, 1794)

Polly F. (born January 15, 1796)

Sally (born March 1, 1797 (died March 28, 1797)

Sarah W. (born November 9, 1801)

Thomas Jefferson (born February 23, 1805) (died 1839)

The donor, in copying the above records, placed Polly F. out of order. So to correct the error she made, and that we made, her birth date should read as follows: I corrected her place in this family as listed from 1 & -- 2 (454) The above were children of Captain Edmund and Judith Eastin-Shackelford.